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Hi, my dear readers and co-mylotters,

Before answering these questions MylotReview, Legit or Scam and Mylot Payment Proofs, let me introduce myself.

My experience with Mylot

This is Abishek from India and I am one of the active users of the mylot. I get to know about the mylot from my cousin.

I am using mylot for more than three years (My old account got banned with $12 inside because of violating their rules, I sent some private messages to other members of mylot to join some other money making site using my referral link. I don’t know at that time, this was against their terms)

Then I approached the site admin and asked them to unban me. The admin has said, he can’t reverse the process but he can give me a chance to open a new account using another mail id and continue from that. (Thanks for giving me a second chance.)

Then I opened another account with a different mail id as per admin words. You can find my profile at mylot.

I am a Grammar Nazi before three years before joining mylot but now I can see improvements in my Grammar.

I have a written around 500 Discussions (Including banned the account and the current account.)

In the mylot, I also got a chance to interact with people who are living in other countries and their culture, festivals they are celebrating and of course food.

(The Famous event Halloween  – I get to know about this event at mylot only) 

I got some good friends but unfortunately, I can’t list out their names because of privacy reasons. Few of them even active on my Facebook friend’s list.

There were many situations, some co-mylotters made me angry but to the best of my knowledge, I never made anyone angry. If I have made you angry, then I am sorry (I reported a few spammers and the Promotional discussions).

Mylot Payment Proofs

You can surely trust mylot when comes to Payment.  Payments are made within 15th of each and every month and in order to get paid, you need to reach the payment threshold of $5.

For example, if you reach the payment threshold of $5 in January, then you can expect the Payment between the second week of February or within 15th of the month February.

I want to share some of my mylot payment proofs.

mylot Payment ProofMylot review scam or legitmylot proof

I agree the payout rates are low and slow but you can improve your English learning skills and typing skills within a few months.

Mastering skills are much better than getting a few dollars.

Okay, What is Mylot? What kind of site is that?

Mylot is a popular multi-author blogging site, where anyone can post microblogs. It may anything like your personal life happenings, your country, your culture but not related to adult topics, drugs, and weapons.

There are no Word limits for a discussion, and one can post as many discussions per day.

Each and everyone can comment, respond and interact with other’s post.

You can add profile avatar, usernames, tag someone similar to Facebook and so features are there.

If you perform well, you can easily grow your reputation there.

How can one earn from mylot?

The interaction is the key feature to earn from mylot. Just try to interact with other mylot members and you can see improvements in your earnings tab.

If you find something (Some discussion or Some response or Some Comment) as an interesting one, then don’t hesitate to offer likes.

The more you interact, the more you earn.

For example,

  • if you post a discussion with 300 words and if no one does a comment, obviously you are not going to earn anything.
  • if you post 10 discussions continuously within an hour, then you are wasting your time because most of them would skip.

The best strategy is to post an interesting discussion two days once. If you spend one day on posting a discussion, then spend the next day on interacting with other’s post.

[While I started a content Writing Service, I shared my discussions as a work sample. Mylot helps me to win few clients.]

Note: Don’t join mylot only to earn money, it will make you face failure.

How to redeem the money?

Go to Settings and enter your Paypal email id get paid.

You will be paid only if you reach $5 payment threshold. In case, if you can’t able to reach the payment threshold the amount will get added to your next month earnings.

You can remove your Paypal e-mail id if you don’t want to redeem the amount.

Good thing is no service fee.

Do these things in mylot

  • Post discussions (Give preference to quality and not quantity)
  • Share your thoughts and interesting things you know.
  • Maintain a friendly environment.
  • Encourage newbies and make them understand “How mylot works?”
  • Install Grammarly extension to post without grammatical errors.

Don’t Do these things in mylot

  • Don’t ask other’s to do comment.
  • Don’t Spam and don’t to advertise.
  • Don’t post copied discussion or post.
  • Don’t bully other members (Mylot is a global environment and some non-native English speakers are also using this mylot. If you find some mistakes in their writings, convey them in a kind and polite manner without making fun of their language.)
  • Don’t share your blog or youtube video links. You can share any links supporting the content.
  • Don’t share any referral links in a private message.
  • Never share any personal details in a post or comment.

Video Review for quick reference: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Am I allowed to post contents from my blog?

No, You are not allowed to post the contents from your blog. Even though you are the rightful owner, according to Search Engine’s Plagiarism algorithm it would be treated as a copied content.

If you post copied contents, you will be caught by the moderators by this tool.

2. How much we can earn from mylot?

No one can predict this earning rate. There are members who earn $15 per month and there are members who earn nothing. The highest earning recorded so far in a single month was $45 by one member.

3. Are there any other modes for getting payout?

Strictly, mylot pays only via PayPal. There are no other means for getting paid.  For Non-Paypal users: Contact any other mylotter and exchange them with Amazon gift cards or exchange them with some other forum participants.

4. Why some of my posts are getting disappeared?

Yeah, that’s common if the discussions are controversial. Don’t post the same again and again.

5. What is meant by an offer section in a mylot?

Yes, offers are certain tasks where you can earn few pennies by successfully completing them.

6. Are they having any referral program?

No, Currently they don’t having any referral program.

7. Is mylot Legit or Scam?

Mylot is a legit paying site. If you still have a doubt means check their alexa rank or Domain Authority.

Start your mylot journey from here.

I am waiting to see you on the board. Top rated discussions are listed on top.

Check my Primary Blogging site and share your feedback. 







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